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Hello world!

Posted by Pat Kershaw on November 7, 2006

Welcome to Racefan’s Ramblings.

I guess it was time for this to happen after spending years trolling the internet and complaining about one thing or another! My problem is I like to act like a sponge and constantly look for new and exiting things to absorb. So the WWW and the Bogosphere have been close friends for a while now…� And so I came to the conclusion that the single most effective way of sifting through the exploding mass of content available on the web was through the use a of bloggers. Let me explain. They have already searched through, or discovered content, they have evaluated it as worthy of posting, and so all I needed to do was find a few who I enjoyed. Presto mt own net of “Filters and advisor’s”.

Part 2.

I have had a bad back for several years. This resulted in a bancruptsy, depression and ….. Well anyway, I moved to Toowoomba, Queenslad with my friend when He was transferred, 1. to get better medical attention, (Debatable!), and 2. To go to uni and re-train. (I� am in third year psychology). The back has continued to deteriorate, resulting in� my recently becoming house-bound. A s aresult I am looking for activities I can do when I am not to drugged up, and here I am!!!

I will be posting links to things I’ve seen and liked, opinions on issues I feel about, thoughts and inspirations I just have to tell somebody, and some interesting psychology study results, illusions, and weird facts. Just abut anything I like. I am mad on motorsport, but will probably avoid it for now, (to many flamers and inflammatory idiots followed my last attempt a few years ago of hosting www. racefanracing.com) …. Wait till next season and I will set up something so it is not in every bodies faces.

Finally thanks to Worpress.com for making this possible!


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  1. Hi, don’t be afraid to be the first to comment!!I wont bite, I pomice

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