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V8 Supercars make the World Stage!!

Posted by Pat Kershaw on November 25, 2006

phitp_6333_th.jpgLooking through my V8 super car and Motorsport Google links and blogs.

So What??

Well I constantly hear and read the local media regarding V8’s as a “Domestic” series, and speaking of it as a minor cousin to “international” series. As a result Tony Cochran and his team are seen as pushy, money oriented and even a bit pig headed.

But we have one of the most successful series in the world, making money hand over fist, and traveling overseas for two races, (Three if you count going to Tasmania!!). This weekend they have traveled 12,000 Km to Bahrain in the middle east for the penultimate round. These are not F1 cars that can be disassembled and packed into shoe boxes. They are BIG, and they are heavy, they use lots of tyres and fuel, and panels…

So I come to my point.
…this race is being covered ALL OVER THE WORLD.
…this series is covered ALL OVER THE WORLD.
… Bathurst has for years been covered ALL OVER THE WORLD.

I have seen reports from all over the Middle East, Russia, Canada (all the time), USA, Europe, Japan and even a few from Australia … Late this afternoon! (see below?)

Good on you boys, and try to stay on the island tonight, (Aust. Time. I sat up until 1pm to watch last night…), and good luck to Rick Kelly, among others.

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