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Absolutly useless trivia — No l

Posted by Pat Kershaw on November 29, 2006

Trivia LogoI don’t remember where I read this, But it is a real statistic, there are over 1500 people killed EVERY YEAR mining COAL. So how old is the nuclear industry?

From reccolection the same story said that even post Chenoble, there is less than 2000 people who have been HURT or effected negatively by nuclear accidents…

Now I ask you

  Is Coal safer? Who For?


2 Responses to “Absolutly useless trivia — No l”

  1. edarrell said

    Fewer than 2,000 hurt by nuclear accidents? You’re forgetting the several thousands forced out of their homes (permanently rather than temporarily) by the tests at Bikini. You’re completely ignoring the thousands of U.S. residents injured and killed by mining uranium, refining uranium, and the atmospheric testing of nuclear devices in Nevada.

    I’m reminded of the power company apologist I ran into many years back who told me “more people died in the backseat of Ted Kennedy’s car than have died from nuclear power.” I mentioned the sabotage at the Arco, Idaho, Navy-run nuclear plant in which two were killed immediately. He’d never heard of the incident.

    I also wonder if your coal mining injuries list includes China, Europe, and other coal-mining and coal-using nations in its total. Coal is more deadly chiefly because it is much more widely used — we have to mine a lot more of it than uranium, though uranium mining is generally much deadlier than coal mining (the Marysville, Utah facility had a 100% premature death rate, for example, a rate that might be expected to drop with proper safety supervision).

    I would refer you to the dozens of hearings between 1979 and 1990 before the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee on the issue of radiation compensation, leading up to the Radiation Compensation Act of 1990. You might also reflect on the Treaties of Friendship with Kiribati and Tuvalu (1985? 1986? I don’t recall the year exactly) which provided $100 million to compensate the radiation injuries of Marshall Islanders. Average compensation was considerably less than $1 million, and as I recall, much less than $100,000/victim. You can do the math.

  2. Whew!
    Ok, I will
    1. Find my original source for you in the next couple of days. (I have an Orthapedic appointment today regarding a back operation, so am a little distracted lately)
    2. Research some of the stuff you have pointed to.
    However, I am still , so far, of the belief that it is the way of the future, and am interested that many of these ”cases’ have NOTHING to do with power generation. Military applications and early development cannot be compared to power generation (aka Coal). It can be compared to issues like the slave labor used in early (equivilent developmental period?)mining, and in Whales in particular, I know they used 7-8 year olds in underground mines in years past, beacuse they where smaller and could follow the seam furthur. There have been industrial accidents and sabotage…

    Also, so what if China is included? USA generates 1/4 of all CO2, and a lot more than 1/4 historically! AND, China’s Three Gorges Dam is a HUGE non-polluting source….

    Lets not get all hyped up and sensational hey? I am talking NOW, and envioronmental effects/safety of Power generation, and as such am up for a debate….

    or are you a flamer? (meant nicely….ish)

    But I was not aware of some of this stuff, and will look into it. (It is a great distraction from the pain!)

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