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SE Qld to vote on water recycling

Posted by Pat Kershaw on November 30, 2006

From the ABC today,

I will get into this in the next few days, but spent hours today sitting in hospital waiting rooms, and don’t feel very ‘focussed’. Good news though is I may finally get my operation…
PURE WaterToowoomba had a referendum on this a few months ago, followed by a state election, then a council by-election, and now a state referendum… Good to see the taxpayers dollars being put to such good use.
Approximately 90% of the states population live in this corner, and all are on strict water restrictions after 7 years of drought. We are running out of water, I don’t see why it should go to a referendum, Just Do IT!
The technology is there, but the anti-everything brigade will run a scare campaign. If they don’t want to drink it, DON’T. Most of them wouldn’t if they saw what swam, died, excreted and run-off into the catchments now! But this is supposed to be different. If I hear one more comparison to Asbestos I will tear someone a new …. orifice. I pity the next generation who will still be watching that recoverable 30-40% of water consumption going into the sea, or onto crops they eat,… Whoops.

 The Queensland Government has announced that residents of the state’s
south-east will have a vote on recycled drinking water on March 17.


The Government is set to introduce legislation into Parliament this morning to allow the vote to happen.


People in areas west to Toowoomba, south to the Gold Coast and north to Cooloola will get a say.


Premier Peter Beattie has told Parliament it is important the public has a say.

“Now we have a date to work to, the next steps are for the Government,
relevant departments and experts to decide the research and develop the
plebiscite question that will go the Parliament in the first sitting of
the new year,” he said.

“The legislation will also authorise the Electoral Commission to
prepare the rolls and inform the community about voting details and


Deputy Premier Anna Bligh has told Parliament the idea would be to mix recycled water with existing dam supplies.

“Issues involving the use of recycled water are both complex and
contentious and I understand it can make many people genuinely very
uncomfortable,” she said.

“For these reasons, the Queensland Government has committed to seeking
the views of the south-east Queensland region on indirect potable
re-use of water.”

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