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Govt calls for states to dump uranium mining bans

Posted by Pat Kershaw on December 5, 2006

coolingtowers221106.jpgWill It happen?

Not on your life.
The states will try to assert their authority. Especially since they are ALL run by the “Opposition!”

This is going to be a messy debate, and will impact not only on the next round of elections, but the shape of both the Australian political landscape, (which has a new national “Opposition Leader” after yesterday), and the face of the future shape of trade, power and climate change/greenhouse management for decades to come.

The current micro management may be over, in favor of bold, sweeping and controversial solutions. I have to post on this SOON,

I have a sore back/leg again. Find out in less than 24 hours about surgery/epidural… Will be back then.


From the ABC Online


Federal Resources Minister Ian Macfarlane is calling on the states to remove bans on uranium exploration and mining.

Mr Macfarlane says there are 13 projects in three jurisdictions that
will not go ahead if the state governments do not remove the bans.

Applications for uranium mines in the Northern Territory are decided by
the Federal Government and are overseen by the Territory Government.

Mr Macfarlane says there is an opportunity for the NT Government to
take control of the approvals process if it has a practical approach to
uranium mining.

“Then the Commonwealth Government would be more than happy to pass the
oversight of that back to the Territory Government,” he said.

“But while ever they have a philosophical approach to uranium mining,
then they’re basically foregoing their rights to approvals.”


Mr Macfarlane says the Territory should not get tied down by Federal Labor’s stance on uranium mining.

“The Territory Government currently opposes approvals to new mines for
uranium, yet they have an existing uranium mine and they also allow
exports out of the Northern Territory as well as exploration for
uranium,” he said.


“That just doesn’t make sense to anyone.

“If the Territory Government was fair dinkum then they would allow the
approval process to be handled by the Territory Government.”

Meanwhile, the federal Member for Kennedy in northern Queensland, Bob
Katter, has welcomed a parliamentary committee report supporting the
establishment of uranium mines in his electorate.


The seat of Kennedy has about 25 uranium deposits and Mr Katter says mining them would create about 400 jobs.


“The committee weighed the evidence put before them and clearly it is ridiculous to restrict uranium mining,” he said.

“Now also the committee said that there was no justification or cause
or reason to proceed with nuclear power – so it was a very fair

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