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Decision Confirms Kelly’s V8 Crown

Posted by Pat Kershaw on December 12, 2006

Holden’s Rick Kelly is the official V8 Supercars champion after a protest hearing judged in his favour, and Ford rival Craig Lowndes ruled out taking further action.

A three-man Confederation of Australian Motorsport panel of race stewards took four hours to decide Kelly had been sufficiently punished for his role in a dramatic accident in the season finale at Phillip Island.

Kelly and Lowndes had gone into the last race of the season level on points, and there was a early tangle between the two of them which effectively cost Lowndes any chance of winning the title.

Race officials ruled Kelly was responsible and issued a drive-through penalty during the race, but he recovered to finish 18th, while Lowndes’ steering was badly damaged and he could only finish 29th.

Kelly has won the title without winning any of the 13 rounds, while Lowndes won four rounds, including Bathurst.

The points system will be changed for 2007

There has been some consolation for Lowndes at the annual V8 Supercar awards.

He has won the prestigious Barry Sheene Medal for outstanding leadership, personality, fan appeal and sportsmanship.

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