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Stanwell laments lost power station benefits

Posted by Pat Kershaw on December 8, 2006

Well well well. are we serious about the environment? NO
The bottom dollar is all powerful.
Should it all be about economics, I know there needs to be a balance, as the money needs to come from somewhere, and increased power costs is a great way of hobbling economic development and growth… But…

ABC News Online

The Stanwell Corporation has expressed regret that the environmental benefits of a power station to be built near Rockhampton, in central Queensland, will be lost… [after] A feasibility study ..found that the $330 million project is not economically viable.

The future of the planned $1.4 billion coking plant nearby is still being assessed. Stanwell acting chief executive Gary Humphrys says the power station would have turned the waste heat of the coking plant into electricity. “And that goes to again our disappointment that the economics for us didn’t stack up,” he said. “Accepting the waste heat and converting that into electricity was certainly an environmentally sustainable and sensible thing to do … and yet the economics didn’t stack up.”

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Can you believe this?

Posted by Pat Kershaw on December 5, 2006

sunset160404.jpgWonder if those who are so scared of the over-hyped anti-recycling establishment will even notice?

The answer is simply no. for some reason there is a large portion of the population who are willing to discount any and all science and evidence from ‘the esablishment’, but believe the whimsiest scaremongering from anyone who says any-thing MIGHT be dangerous.
The scariest thing is the tenuous links they draw to some ludicrous “examples” of why they MAY be right. The next person who compares the potential dangers of reverse osmosis filtration (molecular level) with the long term damage caused by supposedly safe products like Abspestos and Thalidomide, May feel the end of my walking stick..
Speaking of which, I am off to see the surgeon in just over 12 hours, so may be able to sit and walk soon. Then I promise to catch up on presenting some real evidence for some of my rambles…

From the ABC On line today…
The drought has taken a turn for the worst in the past four months.

The National Climate Centre (NCC) says the drought has intensified, especially during November, as a result of a severe lack of rain and hot temperatures.

Senior climatologist Grant Beard says conditions are now the worst they have been since the 2002 drought.

“The water supply situation is continuing to get more and more dire as we go on,” he said.

“The water supplies never really recovered after the 2002 drought.

“What we needed was a good wet year to replenish water supplies but we haven’t had that.”

Mr Beard says with hotter summer months to come, things could get even drier.

“The picture through a lot of the east of the country is of water supplies getting gradually drawn down more and more,” he said.

“This acute water deficits of rainfall, which have developed in the relative short terms this year, have made the conditions worse obviously.”

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Govt calls for states to dump uranium mining bans

Posted by Pat Kershaw on December 5, 2006

coolingtowers221106.jpgWill It happen?

Not on your life.
The states will try to assert their authority. Especially since they are ALL run by the “Opposition!”

This is going to be a messy debate, and will impact not only on the next round of elections, but the shape of both the Australian political landscape, (which has a new national “Opposition Leader” after yesterday), and the face of the future shape of trade, power and climate change/greenhouse management for decades to come.

The current micro management may be over, in favor of bold, sweeping and controversial solutions. I have to post on this SOON,

I have a sore back/leg again. Find out in less than 24 hours about surgery/epidural… Will be back then.


From the ABC OnlineRead the rest of this entry »

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Lets state the obvious!!

Posted by Pat Kershaw on December 1, 2006

If there is one thing you can be sure of it is that in any referendum on re-cycling you get those who are easily led, and those who refuse to be led, both being manipulated by the scare-mongers.

PURE WaterIn the recent Toowoomba referendum on the water recycling issue the facts where lost in a concerted, vocal and inflammatory scare campaign run by a few vested interests. All the science, common sense and the reality of an increasingly desperate situation are overshadowed by fear. One of my friends was so convinced that the science could not be trusted, that they actually could draw parallels in their mind to drugs and asbestos. I know that the thought is a little disconcerting, but the product is as safe as houses, and it is a finite recourse that we can re-use.

These people who are to scared to drink the recycled product can join the 20+% (citation missing, but I read this in a government publication before our referendum earlier this year) of the population that refuse to drink town water now. You can either trust the water from the big soft drink companies, or, like my aforementioned friend, drink UNTREATED bird shit (which is known to be a fantastic transmitter of all sorts of goodies), bacteria, dead frogs, decaying matter and dirt from your roof in the form of rainwater. Or better yet, move to Ethiopia, or Calcutta… Our water is pretty good… Read the rest of this entry »

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