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The shuttle… DUH

WOOPS.Space shuttle delay Y2K all over!!

Posted by Pat Kershaw on November 11, 2006

Touted as one of the worlds most advanced and complicated machines, and the computer cannot tell when the year starts! I mean WHAT!

Slashdot | Computer Date Glitch May Limit Next Shuttle Launch
Nasa Symbal

Monday November 06, @10:28PMNASA Technology writes “Reuters reports that the next Space Shuttle mission may have to be deferred if it gets too close to the New Year because the onboard computers do not handle the changing of the date in the same way as the ground computers. From the article: ‘”The shuttle computers were never envisioned to fly through a year-end changeover,” space shuttle program manager Wayne Hale told a briefing. The problem, according to Hale, is that the shuttle’s computers do not reset to day one, as ground-based systems that support shuttle navigation do. Instead, after December 31, the 365th day of the year, shuttle computers figure January 1 is just day 366.”

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