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Psychological Interests and Illusions


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Here is a taste of some of the intriguing perceptual illusions, and fascinating resources and research acvailable to the student of psychology.

I am a great believer that even the most die-hard critic of the science of psychology practice it constantly all day every day. It is about (for example)…

  1. How we perceive our surroundings, and events. One can see a half empty glass and worry that there will not be enough to quench their thirst, another sees half a glass to stop them from getting any thirstier.
  2. The situational influences, such as our experiences, beliefs and training all dispose us to think and behave in certain ways. If you had a rough childhood it can effect your perceptions of events for many years. If you where protected you may be unprepared for life’s pitfalls.
  3. Our mood and disposition both effect our responses to environmental events, and are a reflection of our reaction to environmental events…

Anyway this is not a lecture, and I am not a lecturer, so I will leave it there for now!

The first thing I want to do for those interested in learning about psychology is suggest some good, easy to follow for the lay-person resource sites I have found. The third one is actually a personality measure, and is for those a little more confident.

For those interested in the more mundane current research here are a few of the thousands of professional journals, to give you a taste of how scientific and pedantic psychology research is. It is essential to develop an understanding of the basics to then theorize about more complicated interactions, and then test them so you can theorize about more complex…. You get the Idea.

The second complication is as a very young science, (less than 100 years since Freud’s controversial works), and with constantly evolving understandings and theorems, there is no “standard” set of rules. I.E. In physics, astronomy, biology, and most other sciences, there is a large body of knowledge that is known as “fact”, there are constants, there are laws. In psychology you are dealing with the psych, and it cannot be touched, poked and prodded. Progress is slow, but improving with the development of reliable and valid constructs and tools. I am in psychology in a very exiting time in its development, and am exited about it.

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