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About Pat

Pat Kershaw

  • Age: 38
  • Gender: Male
  • Astrological Sign: Virgo
  • Zodiac Year: Monkey
  • Occupation: Psychology
  • Location: Toowoomba : Queensland : Australia

About Me

I had a trade before initially hurting my back after tripping…(or did I??) , and have since worked as a counselor,Youth worker, Drugs and Alcohol worker, Suicide intervention worker, counsellor….

I am now studying psychology, and the back is keeping me pinned down in recent months (Late 2006)…

I have 5 protuding disks from some sort of degenerative back disorder. Of these, one is compacting the spinal cord, (I think around S1, for those who know what that means), and two are “impinging,” (love the terminology, it means bloody squashing), the nerves to my legs. The worst is L4-5, and I have a lot of trouble with the left leg, (cold, numb, pain, weak…). As a result I am often layed up for a few days, and sometimes cannot even sit up at the computer, and being on a pension, can hardly afford to buy oa laptopne!! So I keep sneaking little upgrades into this old clanker.

The psychology study was aimed at releasing me from boredom, and providing a new career path. One I can persue with limited mobility, and probably a wheelchair at some future stage. Unfortunately in the last few months (of 2006) I have even had to drop any pretences of managing this for the present. Once off the opiates and other painkillers, anti-inflamitories and some others, I may be able to function for more than a few hours a day. Presently I am immobilised with’significand chronic pain’, or doped out so I don’t notice it!,…, (umm… LEGALLY pescribed Meds)

And so comes the Blog. I religiously study “stuff that interests me”, and with the limitations on time and functionality, the net has become my psychological saviour, mental stimulus, and release.

Please feel free to respond to my posts, I do enjoy a good discussion, and it gives me something to go research when I can. BUT, I will drop out from time to time for a few days, either from pain, or when I have epidurals and other procedures.

PS. Today (30 nov 2006) it looks like I may finnally get the operation I have needed for a few years, especially the last few months..


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Inthis illusion, nothing is actually moving! Check out the psych pages as I develop them, as I have a number of interesting items to make you think, and test your senses…

One day I will remember to cite the source and the explanation below!

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